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One cannot live well on cake so we do in fact have savoury food also… All that one needs for a well-balanced diet, whole-hearted living as well as all manner of sweet treats.

Our food is simply scrumptious, the kind that a really good home cook can make with a little attention and practice and quite a bit of heart. The KISS principle applies - we want to make arts of the kitchen accessible to all and open them up for all to enjoy. We start with quality ingredients, and we treat them well and prepare them right there in front of you, in our open space.

Our menu changes with the seasons, and also with who rules the kitchen! A bit like at home, really, the chef decides what they wish to cook and the rest of us enjoy their creations. Click here for some idea of our sweet and savoury creations - for more, pop in and see what we have made today!

Uniquely on the high street, we can make things to order, especially for you. Tell us about your dietary needs and we will try to accommodate if possible.

If you are dying for that dish or cake your grandma - or your ex - used to make, or want to introduce your office to your favourite/home cuisine, bring the recipe and/or come talk to us. The chances are we will be able to help - or let you have the floor (i.e. our kitchen) so you can yourself impress your colleagues with your cooking skills or delight your friends and family (see also venue hire).

“We have been customers of this local independent coffee shop for a few months.
Great atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent coffee and delicious food. We recently got married and they supplied some wonderful trays of brownies for the guests - to much acclaim.
They also helped us source an innovative wedding cake designer.”

Via Trip Advisor