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Who are we? Sonia & Amanda, and a good few other people.

We have been around the London coffee scene and the UK social enterprise community since 2003. The experiences we have had, and the people we have connected with have been instrumental in bringing Coffee, Cake & Kisses about (read here about our Kickstarter).

We believe that change comes from within. In order to leave this world better than we found it, we need to first truly understand and appreciate who we are and what we value. From there we can take action, and begin living purpose-driven lives that create a positive ripple effect on the people and world around us. Coffee, Cake & Kisses is our personal expression of that.

We are intent on helping to change the world into a place of love (yeah, so we are hopeless romantics). We like to push social boundaries and challenge stereotypes (hopeless romantics with a bit of spice).

Last but not least, we are a couple figuring out their evolving relationship, with its fair share of challenges.

In creating Coffee, Cake & Kisses, we teamed up with a number of like-minded individuals to help deliver good quality design. Birte Nelson of Simply Italian and Simply Scandinavian was key, and to date remains available to anyone who would themselves like a kitchen like ours. Other design partners include Stosa Cucine, Bsweden, Kohler, Gessi, Siemens, Bosch, LEDs-C4, HarzFloor, Battle Designs, Umbra, Ideal Standard, Glatz, and Architect Made to name but a few.